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MEDICAL For our occasional medical column, please see A Doctor Writes... by Dr. Colin Walsh of the New Pioneer International Medical Centre

World Link Medical Center
Room 203, West Tower, Shanghai Center (Portman Hotel),
1376 Nanjing Xi Lu,
TEL: 6279-7688
Fax: 6279-7698
Opening Hours: seven days a week
World Link Medical Clinic (Gubei)
Unit 30, Mandarin City, 788 Hongxu Road, Hongqiao
TEL: 6405-5788
Fax: 6405-3587
Opening Hours: Mon- Fri, 9am - 5pm
Worldlink has been running in Shanghai since 1996, and provides the kind of health care that you would expect to get at home. Includes 24-hour emergency services and dental care.

International SOS Assistance (an AEA International company)
Room C, 11/F, Guangdong Development Bank Building, No.
555, Xujiahui
TEL: 6295-9951
Fax: 6390-1428
A 24-hour alarm center that provides medical and travel related information. SOS has a network of surveyed and audited hospitals that SOSĄŻ Doctors have deemed provide services of an International standard.

New Pioneer International Medical Centre (NPIMC)
2/F, Geru Building, 910 Hengshan Lu, Xujiahui
TEL: 6407-0434
With Western-trained expatriate doctors and dentists, the center also offers ambulance and evacuation services.

Doctor Anderson & Partners
Room 1001, 10/F, Block D, New Century Plaza (near Westin Tai Ping Yang Hotel), 48 Xingyi Road, Hongqiao
TEL: 6270-3263

General Hospitals

International Medical Care Center (IMCC) of Shanghai's
First People's Hospital
585 Jiulong Road
TEL: 6306 9480
Fax: 63069484
Situated near the Bund. Offers all specialities plus dentistry. This is a private health center attached to a large teaching hospital, and offers 24-hour medical emergency assistance.

Ruijin Hospital
197 Ruijin Er Road
TEL: 6437-0045 x 8101
Fax: 6431 2610
Tel: 6437-0045 x 8101 (Outpatients & Emergencies only)
6324-0090 x 2101 (24 hour house calls)
A large teaching hospital offering all specialities with a separate foreigners' unit, the "Guang Ci" Hospital.

Huashan Hospital
TEL: 6248-9999
Fax: 6249-8476
Foreigners' Clinic
12 Central Wulumuqi Road
19/F (Foreigners Ward)
TEL: 6248-9999 x 1900
A medium-sized general hospital, but does not cover obstetrics, gynecology or pediatrics department.

Huadong Hospital - Foreigners Clinic
221 Yan An Xi Lu
TEL: 6248-3180
A medium-sized teaching hospital covering all specialties. The foreigners' clinic is in a separate building.

Dental Center

Sino-Canadian Dental Center
7/F, Main Building, Ninth Peoples' Hospital, No. 639,
Shizao Ju Road,
TEL: 6313-8341
Fax : 6313 9156

Shanghai Ko Sei (Japanese) Dental Clinic
666 Changle Lu
TEL: 5404-7000

Pacific Dental Hospital
4/F, No. 269, Wuchang Rd
TEL: 6306-2518
Fax: 6393-2693

Sheng Da Dental Hospital
No. 1, Lane 83, Taiyuan Road
Tel: 6437-7987
Fax: 6466 1798

Pediatrics and Maternity

Pediatric Hospital - Foreigners' Clinic
Shanghai Medical University, No. 183, Fenglin Road
TEL: 6403-7371
House calls available before 20:30

International Peace Maternity Hospital
910 Hengshan road
TEL: 6407-0434

Maternity and Child Hospital
536 Changle Road
TEL: 6247-5206

Therapy Communities

Cancer Support Group
Shanghai's first anonymous support group offers
encouragement and information.
Elisha Feller at 6268-6005.

Alcoholics Anonymous
TEL: 2201-0111, 2201-0361

Chinese Traditional Medicine Hospitals

Longhua Hospital
532 Lingling Road
TEL: 6438 5700
Fax: 6439 8310

Shuguang Hospital
185 Pu'an Rd
TEL: 6326-1650
Fax: 6373 3660

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